BEGIN:VCALENDARVERSION:2.0PRODID:-//WelpIcalBundle//Calendar App//ENCALSCALE:GREGORIANMETHOD:PUBLISHBEGIN:VTIMEZONETZID:Europe/LondonBEGIN:STANDARDDTSTART:19700101T000000TZOFFSETTO:+0100TZOFFSETFROM:+0100END:STANDARDEND:VTIMEZONEBEGIN:VEVENTUID:423DTSTART:20210903T000000DTEND:20210923T235900STATUS:SUMMARY:WPT World Online ChampionshipsDESCRIPTION:The WPT World Online Championships is back with more top q uality tournaments! As always when we bring a live series online, part ypoker provides tournaments with structures that wouldn’t be out of place on a world class live tour.Daily Satellites…Satel lites coming soon, qualify from just $0.01Side Events…Along side our headline championship events, there is a whole host of side e vents to suit all bankrolls.Poker fame…We’ll be strea ming live coverage on partypokerTV, WPT, partypoker Twitch and YouTube channels, and other partnership platforms! All the major hands will b e covered, and you’ll see the world’s best up close. So, i f you take down a tournament, the poker world will know your name!URL:/en/events/upcomingDTSTAMP:20210610T195637ZEND:VEVENTEND:VCALENDAR